Sunday, 20 May 2012


Questions and Observation :
- what is Topology?????
              my take - any 3 points in space create an area that can be studied in terms of its qualities, properties and attributes; the objects, persons and elements in the space and the energies and processes inherent in the space; its topology!

- Bruno Latours position: - it is the lived space and not the theoretical space of mathematical dimensions
                                         - causality; in that everything affects everything else
                                         - continuous transformations are hallmarks of the space, creative destruction,
                                            unanticipated morphing and plasticity and plastic promise of the future
                                         - we move around in continuous time/space
                                         - there is no constant, no permanence, always continuous change
Best bets :- investigate Dr. Zeiki, UCL Professor of Psychology / Psychiatry - on ambiguity !!!
                - contact Ken Arnold - head of public programs at Wellcome Trust

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