Sunday, 24 June 2012

Week 29

Questions and Observations:
- we are all born as copies and we all die as originals !
- through scientific and medical progress there has been success in adding on year but little success in adding life to the added years 
- the primary cause of waging is that damage that occurs in cells through the natural process of energy production. Mitochondria in the cell act as tiny batteries and use oxygen to produce the energy however a side product is produced in the form of free radicals are produced and build up in the cells as ageing occurs. The free radical buidup damages the cell DNA which is copied over and over in cell division and all the DNA becomes further and further corrupted and this in turn affects the bodies ability to repair itself efficiently.
 Memory deteriorates in part for this reason as waste begins to buildup in the brain cells due to the inefficiencies that start to be felt with age.

- genetics only accounts for a quarter of ageing effects. what is very impotent is mental and physical exercise, proper eating and drinking and social networks

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Week 28

Questions and Observations:
- in this, my 28th week it has finally occurred to me that this MA Drawing exercise I have embarked on is really an enquiry into my own ageing process [and progress]! I am finally starting to see a glimmer in the distance that I can focus on and work toward and reorient , if not my work [ as on reflection I now see it throughout the work] but my understanding of the research and the studio practice. With these understandings I can now begin to slowly push and pull the two together in a more harmonious and supportive fit and perhaps even narrow the enquiry [but to what end?]
 I do think that this heutagogical [and paragogical] journey is surely an exploration of my humanness but I now realized that it is coming from a very age related perspective of humanness, one which I guess is understandable as I too am ageing. This fact I do tend to ignore as I don't feel the ageing ,especially when I am surrounded by young people who seem to accept me as an equal.
 I think this insight will allow me to more openly explore the "age relationship" to and within the art that I am making; directly in the sculptural area and also within the drawing [ although it has been evident in the drawing already without a conscious effort] and the writing about it, and the researching of it.
 Hopefully this will lead to more "intentionality" being shown through my practice, both research and studio.
 I will however, always be making the patterns and drawing the connections!
 I will be trying to change the nature and content of the images on this system of communication to reflect the above.

 Best Bets;
- Drawing is as fundamental to the energy of what makes us human as singing or dancing- John Elkins
- the insights of the final Topology session at the Tate Modern
- the deeper understanding of Photoshop and how to use it in the context of layering [ as a reflection of the constant layering that goes on within ones life but only becomes really evident in later years [ as an aspect of Wisdom?]
 - research specifically on the meanings  of and defining features of Ageing and Retiring and other symbols and signs associated with older age
- research paragogy
- The Relative Impossibility of Imagining Old Age by Someone Young
- The Impossibility of Imagining  [Remembering] Youth by Someone Old
- the process of Active Waiting
- the brain transitions from hardwired to openness in its development, cortical to neocortical

 Check it out:
- the current GV Arts show
- Anya Hurlbert Director of the Institute of Neuroscience @ U of Newcastle
- Semir Zeki Vislab, UCL nueroaethetics
- Daniel Pink- MFA as the new MBA
- Intelligence written by the inventor of the Palmpilot

 Studio Drawing:
- screens, filters and funnels are all involved in processing and consolidating information

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Week 27

Questions and observations:
 - main thrust of all education should be to teach Critical Thinking
 - Drawing is all about Patterns and Connections; Flows and Filter
 - what is Infography??? Visual transfer of information?
 - Can one be a critical thinker of art without being a maker of art?
 - groups should coalesce around a purpose to become a self organizing network of expertise

Best Bets:
 - Roy Ascot drawing - were used as a teaching toll- re: J Beuys, R Steiner
- David Shrigley drawing on Brain activity

Check It Out:
 UCL- dept of neurology work on Gerantology and the ageing brain- Wolfsen ?
 U of Middlsex- Ian Cunningham- has agreed to accredit for Wikiquals
 Rizomatic Community of Scholars- School of Everything- Philosophers in Pubs
 Wikiquals [ Fred Garnett] based on the principal of peer qualification
 Artist- educators that should be considered: Paul Lowe of UAL, Trevor Horsewood
 John Dewey: Experience and Education
 Malcolm Knowles : Adult Learner

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Week 26

Questions and observations:
 - how can programs developed by Project Zero which mainly deal with art based teaching and learning programs and systems for children and teens be applied to Senior L.L.L. [ look at Arts Propel, Arts Survive, Goodwork, Goodplay, Artful Thinking]?
 Best Bets:
 - read and investigate Erik Eriksons [ 1980's psychologist ] 8 stage Life Cycle delineation which is calibrated to ego development....the 8th stage is that from 55 yrs. to 65 yrs. to end of life, the hallmark of which is to establish integrity and achieve "meaning" for ones life and to connect with surrounding humankind [ this could account for the need for social stimulation and engagement by Seniors]...see Erikson, Erikson and Kivinick 1986
 - Seniors experience brings them capability plus [ according to Erikson] there is a deep need to come to terms with the world in a way that adds integrity to their lives[ i.e. exploring their humanness]which gives great psychological incentive