Thursday, 7 February 2013

February 2013

One does not stop Learning because of Ageing; One Ages because they stop Learning!

Images: will consist of one self portrait, one studio life drawing, one church drawing, one manipulated overlay drawing
             include one self portrait

Text/ discussion:  - auto ethnography; what is it and how to use it in studio documentation process ?
                            - will investigate well-being, healthy ageing, successful ageing; how to define,          quantify and what metrics to use; see work of G Cohen. [import text from the 2006 results of the G Cohen research regarding Seniors and Art programs and the phenomena of PNI]
                            - the role of Diagramming and Mapping in context of Drawing; refer to work of DRUGG [import one of the Drugg papers and diagrams]
Diary: handwritten description of personal state of being, physical, mental/emotional/psychological, spiritual.